Atari Recharged are modernized and reimagined updates of some of Atari's most beloved games. Recharged games are easy to play but tough to master. Nearly all the recharged games include a same screen co-op mode you can play with a friend.

Breakout Recharged Video Game Review

I Dream of Indie – Breakout: Recharged Video Review

I Dream of Indie posted a great review of Breakout Recharged. They go deep into the history of the seminal arcade game. Breakout had a massive impact on the arcade game industry, and later the games industry as a whole. The development lore includes name-drops of well known tech legends like Steve Wozniak.  If you

Breakout Recharged - Steam Deck

Breakout: Recharged – Steam Deck Gameplay

The Steam Deck is a pretty neat little piece of hardware. It’s almost like a mini PC in the palm of your hand. OK, so maybe not that small, but certainly smaller than the Frankenstein tower PC I had back in ’98. Coolest part, the Steam Deck has got quite a few input options, all

Erin Plays – Atari Recharged Video Review

Erin Plays does a great overview on the Atari Recharged line up. From the addictive space shooter Asteroids to the action packed twin stick shooter, Black Widow. Erin Plays like the pick up and play arcade action of Atari Recharged.

John Hancock Black Widow Recharged Review

John Hancock Video Review – Black Widow: Recharged

Spoiler Alert. John Hancock doesn’t actually sign anything in this video… But he does get to the core of what makes Black Widow a classic Atari Arcade masterpiece. Mr Hancock is a die hard twin stick shooter fan, and he likes a lot of what he sees in this exciting new adaptation.

Podcast Episode 6: Let’s Play Black Widow: Recharged

Its a good old fashioned Let’s Play! In episode 6 of our podcast the team play some Black Widow: Recharged. Black Widow was a cult classic Atari arcade game. Now it’s been recharged with a frantic co-op mode and non stop arcade action.