Erin Plays – Atari Recharged Video Review

Erin Plays does a great overview on the Atari Recharged line up. From the addictive space shooter Asteroids to the action packed twin stick shooter, Black Widow. Erin Plays like the pick up and play arcade action of Atari Recharged.

Podcast Episode 3: Designing Centipede: Recharged

Vaidas Okunis joins Jason and Adam to talk design. This talented game designer brings his deep knowledge of game history and production to the team. Vaidas is a game designer from Sneakybox studios.

Megan McDuffee

Podcast Episode 2: The Music of Centipede: Recharged

Jason meets with Megan McDuffee and talks sound design. Megan is an award winning music producer, known for her incredible work in video games. She lends her talents and vision to the modern version of Centipede.