Noisy Pixel – Black Widow: Recharged Review

Black Widow: Recharged Review


Watch out Marvel’s Black Widow. Atari is here to knock you off your pedestal and show you who the real Black Widow is. Atari has been wise to hold onto this IP if only to market off the popular name and also introduce a retro series to new gamers almost 40 years after its release. It marks a new entry in their Recharged effort and a good one at that, giving a chance for this obscure series to find new fans.

Black Widow: Recharged borrows ideas and features from the developer’s previous release, Centipede: Recharged. The original Black Widow was a twin-stick shooter released for arcades back in 1982, and unlike other hits from the same era, this game never actually saw a port or conversation to any home console.

By Jahanzeb Khan on October 27, 2021

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